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One of the main reasons for Sophia Rayne’s Racing for a Reason being started was because of Sophia Rayne herself . Sophia, my granddaughter, that my wife and I were blessed to adopt, has Spina Bifida and all the things that often come with it. Last year I started a fundraiser for the Spina Bifida Association in which I purchased a ticket to the King of the Mountain race and had Jeremy Mcaully race for the $10,000 dollar grand prize to donate to the Spina Bifida association in hopes that it would make a difference for Sophia and others with her condition. Unfortunately, we did not win the grand prize of 10k but were able to raise awareness for Spina Bifida and raise donations of just over $5000 dollars! At that point I realized that I wanted to start a charity in Sophia's name but didn't have any details set. 

  Then I learn of a young boy who was battling cancer and realize the direction I needed to go with the charity. Sadly, this young boy passed.  I realized the fundraiser has to be for all children suffering from disease or disability. Sophia will have hardships and pain, but she is happy and tries to make others happy as well. Literally, this girl will wake up from a surgery and ask, "How are you?" She will try to make you happy when you are sad. Those who have met her can understand. She is very caring for others regardless of her own hardships. She has inspired me to help others as well. See how you can help make a difference by contacting us below.

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Our Cause

Helping children, it Starts With the Will and God's Insperation to Make a Difference


My Inspiration for creating this fundraiser:

Just because I cant walk doesn't mean I cant carry you.


We would like to thank the following businesses for sponsorship's and donations:

Holsinger's Plumbing & Heating



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Inspired by Sophia Rayne

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